A scene from The Love Boat was filmed at Harry Lee & Co.'s store in Hong Kong.

David was interviewed at Harry Lee & Co.'s Hong Kong store by Brett Hilliard, Senior Pastor of the Island Evangelical Community Church. Harry and David were raised as Christians. You can watch the full interview below.

In 2016, a masked robber barged into Harry Lee & Co.'s Hong Kong store with a pistol, pointing it at one of the employees. David had a gut feeling that the pistol was fake, and in a moment of gallantry grabbed the pistol and slammed it down onto the counter. (Mind you, this was when David was 76.) The robber couldn't free the pistol and fled the scene empty-handed, but was eventually apprehended by a passer-by and two policemen. The pistol turned out to be an air

You can read the full story on South China Morning Post. Not mentioned by the article is this episode's funny conclusion: that it was David who in the end presented trophies of valor to the policemen.

David presenting trophies to Hong Kong policemen